Summer Camps 

Wilderness Trails is popular for its outdoor adventures, and it's here that many life lessons begin. Wilderness Trails offers four types of camps based on a child's age and gender. Campers are challenged physically, mentally and spiritually. During the day, campers engage in a variety of activities many have never experienced before. Music and speakers at nightly campfires offer a chance to learn more about Jesus, and often stimulate open and honest discussion. 

Follow-Up Retreats 

Wilderness Trails continues to offer year-round fun when summer camps are over. Needful youth are invited back to dozens of weekend outings and other activities throughout the school year. Our goal is to continue personal contact which nurtures the bond started at summer camps. 

Dear Wilderness Trails,
I had such a great time at camp two weeks ago. I’ve decided it was the best camping experience I’ve ever had. I rode a horse for the first time. His name was Billy. I also really liked hanging out at night around the campfire.
— With love, Mandy

All of our summer and weekend camps are offered free of charge. The actual cost per camper is around $300 for each summer camp and $150 for each weekend camp. To learn more about sponsoring a camper click the link below.